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An Effective Energy, Waste, & Recycling Methodology provides one point of contact for waste removal, energy management and recycling programs in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and across the country. We employ a well-established methodology to deliver our services in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way that results in bottom-line savings.

Four-Phases Towards Improvement

The resource management methodology involves four phases. These phases are interactive steps to cost savings and efficient management. During a continuous improvement and management phase, we monitor new opportunities for cost savings, operational efficiencies, and continuing partnerships. Our company strives to implement improvements immediately but also builds upon those improvements with further "as-is state" analysis, taking account of changing environmental factors and evolving compliance regulations.

Methodology Chart

True Sustainability

In order to achieve true environmental sustainability, we incorporate a comprehensive approach to serving our clients that goes beyond cost savings. provides the tools, techniques, and methods needed in order to make sustainability a realistic and achievable goal. We evaluate your needs and footprint to establish sustainable objectives. We link sustainability to your organization's goals, identifying and prioritizing improvement opportunities. Our team also helps with establishing a system of indicators to track projects that deliver the results you need to please your accountant.